Our Heritage

In 1975, only a few years after Mauritius obtained its independence, The Mauritius Chemical & Fertilizer Industry (MCFI) was founded by Antoine Harel, a local executive who considered that it was vital for Mauritius to have a fertiliser plant that could produce the whole range of fertiliser needed for its booming agricultural sector.

The location of MCFI was carefully chosen after consultations with the Mauritian government: the Fort-George site was ideal for the creation of a deep-water quay that could accommodate ships carrying bulk cargoes of raw materials, such as anhydrous ammonia or phosphate. After a few teething problems, MCFI succeeded in producing a complete range of NPK complex fertilisers which were very quickly adopted by the local agricultural community; big sugar estates and small planters alike.

Today, the company has extended its operations and markets to the African continent, with branches in Zambia and Tanzania, where it strives to offer good quality, affordable and relevant fertilisers and industrial chemicals to local operators.

The company is listed on the official market of The Stock Exchange of Mauritius since 1989 and is a subsidiary of Harel Mallac & Co. Ltd.